• About us and our Leadership

    About us and our Leadership

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About U Blue Hills

U Blue Hills is a non profit organization
Our goal is to be the trusted partner for US and French based educational organizations

Through our innovative and cost effective processes we are pursuing solutions for every organization we work with by tailoring our offerings to meet the growing needs of the educational community.

The Mission of U Blue Hills is to bridge culture and business through education, experience, and understanding.

The Vision of U Blue Hills to create a network of communication across the globe that helps to bring groups closer to universal understanding that we all can do business together if we simply connect.

To accomplish our Mission and Vision we will have a solid foundation in academic services with a goal of U Blue Hills eventually providing fully accredited University level education to students. This direction is built into the foundation of our organization and will be the inspiration for all our offerings from day one. We do hope that you will recognize the value in our organization and how it will be a valued partner to your organization's success in the future.


Our Leadership

Naïla KAHLA is a specialist in Public, European and International Law. Naïla brings to U Blue Hills operational knowledge of European and international regulations as well as legal expertise.
President - Board of Directors of the organization

Mathieu DUPRESSOIRE is a specialist in international development in educational environments. He brings to U Blue Hills his vision on the bridge to be created between the French and Anglo-Saxon educational systems.
Vice-President - Board of Directors of the organization

Ryan LEE-HILD, (MBA, American Business School) is one of the first people to have worked on U Blue Hills. Ryan is American and has a keen sense of customer satisfaction. He has all the qualities to build service offers of very high levels.
Treasurer - Board of Directors of the organization

Hugues MARTIN, (ENSTA, Higher National School of Advanced Techniques - DEA Industrial Economics of Paris Dauphine University- FR) specialist in industrial systems. Hugues brings to U Blue Hills his expertise in innovation in the broadest sense. It will allow U Blue Hills to offer very high level services.
Secretary of the Board - Board of Directors of the organization

Éric DUPRESSOIRE is the leader of the IFC school group. He brings to U Blue Hills his expertise of the higher education sector with private French capital. The Board of Directors will be able to rely on its in-depth knowledge of the expectations and prospects of the French higher education market. For many years, he has been defending the introduction of vocational training that can enable students to integrate the workplace in the best conditions.
Directors - Board of Directors of the organization

Bruno HUBERT, Doctor in Education Sciences (FR) is a recognized specialist particularly issues related to training in connection with professionalization and integration into employment. Bruno brings to U Blue Hills his vision of training for trainees but also trainers, of which he is a great advocate of the necessary training throughout life.
Director - Board of Directors of the organization

Christophe LABORIE is a specialist in the labor markets. Christophe brings to U Blue Hills his very good understanding of the company and its manpower needs. It will be for U Blue Hills the guarantor that the set of academic tools, assessments and formative developed meet the wishes of the professional circles.
Director - Board of Directors of the organization

Vincent MARTIN, (MBA, University of Liverpool - UK) is the founder of U Blue Hills. Throughout his career, Vincent has sailed between the company and the professional training community, whether in France, England or the United States. Vincent will provide U Blue Hills with his experience in the fields of the American, English and French educative systems, cross culture and intercultural exchange.
Vincent is the CEO of U Blue Hills.

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