• U Blue Hills offers intenships in Senegal, Africa

    U Blue Hills offers intenships in Senegal, Africa

    Colorfully painted typical fishing boats line the Beach near the Fish Market (Dakar, Senegal)

Internship in Senegal, Africa

By taking this position with U Blue Hills in Senegal you will be working and living in a great linguistic diversity. In total, nearly twenty languages ​​benefit from the status of national language in Senegal.

The local cuisine has some similarities with those of West African countries , but it has other influences from North Africa , Lebanon , France and Portugal.

Many great opportunites await you here in business, education and the greatest opportunity that exsist to see the country of Senegal. Situated on the Atlantic coast, but still apart of the diverse West African continent you will have a great adventure here.

U Blue Hills is committed to providing the best welcome to students of all levels, including very young beginners.

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