French internship

The International Internship programs allow soon to graduate and newly graduated students to take the next step in their education and career.

U Blue Hills will be the agent for the students to attain an internship in France at companies that have been hand selected to meet the goals of the student. In addition to this assistance, our company is providing a full curriculum for the interns while they are in their chosen location that includes classes taught in the local schools and activities for them to experience the local culture, history, and people.

U Blue Hills Internship Department is focused on helping to bridge the gap that often exists between newly graduated higher education students and the employment job market.
Through our refined internship offerings, our success is gauged not only by refining the skills and acumen of the student, but to by them fine tuning their career path into their dream jobs.
This program is also the culmination of all three of U Blue Hills offering as the beneficiary of our previous two programs can take the language and academic progress they have gained to the working world.

U Blue Hills is committed to providing the best welcome to students of all levels, including very young beginners.

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